Discipleship groups

Redemption Church has been on a quest to figure out how to define the word “church.”  We have learned it is not fair to speak of church as a place, or a time in which we meet, or even a building we might own (though we don’t own anything).    Instead, the church is a people. And this distinctive title belongs to those of us who are followers of Christ. 
We have come to say - The Church is the people of God living life together on mission. 

So how do we do all that?

First, it is in identifying whether or not we are really the people of God.  We are a confessing church, who believe we should all declare our faith to one another.  And we do this by the regular meeting together, and by seeking to continually challenge one another to press on all the more in this walk with Christ. 

Secondly, we are a people who live life together.  Long gone for us are the divisions we previously made where some things are secular and others sacred.  Instead because of Christ, all is sacred.  And all of life together can be viewed this way as well.  From the mundane to the highly uncommon, we seek to overlap rhythms of life with one another so that we might together live out this glorious reality and better know and represent Christ in all of life.  

Lastly, as the people of God, we have a mission. Our calling is in seeking to make disciples among these who are far from God.  And the best way we know to do this is not as a bunch of individuals, but as a united front.  And so we schedule opportunities to do this corporately, but also to do so in smaller groups as well as holding one another accountable individually.  We believe God calls us as  the church to both display and declare what it means to be a follower of Christ, even as we call others to come follow Jesus. 

And so our aim to that is in forming small groups of intentional disciples, who regularly meet together. Discipleship Groups consist of anywhere from 2-4 people (gender specific).  We believe the smaller context allows for more genuine discipleship to take place.  This is the primary place our church gathers to grow in identifying how we are doing walking in OBEDIENCE to who God calls us to be. We meet not so much to transfer knowledge and information, but instead break up our gathering time to do three primary things:


    We will share ways in which we have been immensely challenged and/or tempted and then confessing any and all disobedience in our lives.  Our goal is to call one another into conformity with a life of holiness, motivated by grace. 

  • Look up

    Our aim is to share and discover how we are all growing in our pursuit of God through the Word and prayer.  This isn’t a time to teach as much as it is to share about ways God has really been growing us in our delight in Him.

  • Look out

    This is our opportunity to share with one another how we are actively pursuing to declare Christ among those far from God, as well as exhort one another to build relationships with such in order that we may stay on task with the mission where God has positioned us.

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