The Dimensions of Church Life that Manifest our Mission

Submitting to the Authority of Scripture - We will sit under the power of the Word of God and trust it as the source of all Truth. We will preach the Bible unapologetically and allow it to mold and shape us into the people that God wants us to be.  And we will go back to it daily in reading, listening, reflection, meditation, and memorization and learn to feed on it as our source of strength.

Prayerful Dependence - Commitment to depend on God’s grace and mercy in personal, family, and corporate prayer, so that in all our blessings the Giver will get the glory. And in the process He will shape us to becoming more like Christ, aligning our will with His perfect will. 

Exalting the Glory of Christ- We worship through preaching and responding to the Word of God, giving, prayer, fasting, fellowship, silence, and singing. Our adoration for the risen Christ will not be limited to our Sunday gatherings, but will extend into the daily workings of our lives. In all we do we will seek to lift up the name and supremacy of Jesus. 

Biblical Leadership - Humble submission to spiritual, biblically qualified leaders who lead by example, not dominion, and with joy, not under compulsion, to equip the saints for the work of the ministry, including aggressive efforts to multiply congregational leaders. 

Living as Community- We will share life with one another for the purpose of becoming more like Christ. We will love, encourage, rebuke, challenge, and learn from each other.  We will regularly eat meals together, have coffee together, weep and/or rejoice together, and continue doing life together no matter what the season.

Incarnational Living - We will live on mission for Jesus Christ in our homes, in our schools, in our offices, in our communities and in our world. We will be so overwhelmed by the beauty of Christ that we cannot help but share His message.