The STORY of Redemption

Redemption Church is not a church of large numbers and giant spreadsheets, but instead of names and stories.  At the foundation of our beliefs is the conviction that God has created us all to be relational people.  And the story of everyone in life who has been impacted substantially, is only because someone built a relationship with them.  We believe strongly that this was Christ's ministry model. 

Our Story could be summed up in any one of our stories.  Like any story it takes time to write, it has twists and turns, things expected and unexpected, and what we have experienced has been every bit of that.   We delight in the stories God writes as we simply wear Jesus on our sleeve and seek to live out our faith in Him. 

We believe these stories are all around us with still more yet to be written.  We would delight to find further partners in this sort of ministry where stories are the measure of what is going on, not numbers and spreadsheets, but making an impact for Christ where we live, work, and play.  It is about REDEEMING space and time where previously our lives weren't useful to Him but now can be as we get intentional about living the GOSPEL.  We are prayerfully expectant the God has many more stories to write, through us as a corporate body, but as individuals too.  Come join this great work God is doing.