If you are interested in serving in one of these ministries, please contact Pastor Nathan Begnaud for more information.

serving the community

  • Westview elementary

    We are seeking to make a footprint in our community, not measured with events and programs, but in stories.  Such stories are being written each week at Westview Elementary.  Our goals are to find creative ways to support faculty and staff there as well as engage in the lives of students during school hours and beyond.  So far we have been able to see a few of our own volunteer in the classroom and in helping counsel students.  Some of this has turned into planned meetings outside school hours with both faculty and students.  We are eager to prayerfully continue seeking ways to make footprints to get more opportunities to serve and build relationships so that the gospel of Christ might advance.

  • John Knox Village

    Redemption Church built a relationship with John Knox out of the conviction that what we do to the least of these (those sick and imprisoned) we do as to Christ.  We have regularly participated in  weekly visitation that goes on during the month as well as some group visits where we go room to room to sing songs and engage the residents and staff.  It is just another way in which we are visible witnesses for Christ in our community to make Christ's name, not ours, known.

  • Meeting Needs in our Community

    We regularly find ourselves intersecting lives of people all around us in our community who have needs.  And we find we can collectively do more than we could individually.  Our church is regularly linking arms to pay bills, to provide meals, to fix what is broken.  This is every bit on a much bigger scale what Jesus has graciously done for all of us, in canceling our debt, being to us the Bread of Life, and mending the wounds in our hearts, so we constantly feel the need to extend it to all these around us.  By meeting some temporary, tangible needs, we can often get more ability to declare the gospel, even as we display it. 

serving redemption church

  • set up and clean up

    We are currently renting our space and therefore require to set up and clean up before and after each Sunday Morning gathering.  Set up begins at 9:00am each week.  This may include, but is not limited to, set up and tare down of chairs, stage/sound equipment, the Children's area along with sweeping, and basic cleaning.

  • redemption Kids

    we desire that every person of every age who attends a Sunday morning gathering at Redemption Church be able to learn and grow deeper in their knowledge of God's Word.  It takes MANY volunteers to make this possible for Redemption Kids.  Whether it is with nursery age or school age children, teaching or assisting, there is a place for you.

  • redemption BREAKFAST

    The first Sunday of every month, we need help making and serving breakfast to our church body and visitors.  The monthly breakfast also requires volunteers for extra set up and tare down.